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A New Beginning

(The Change)


((Rated PG-12 for Mrs.Harrold said it should be.))


Chapter 1

I am in a little store, and there is a guy taking me back to the back.

In the back I step into a machine that tests magical abilities.

It tests positive and he spirit me away to the testing site.

He tells me that the testing site is where they test to see if I could survive this life and to see if I would complete the change.

Once there I go through the tests (remembering back most are fuzzy).

The one that I remember the most was this obstacle course that change between light and dark.

In the dark I would be able to run but if I ran in the light I would be shocked.

I finally got through it (without any shocks) and found the rest of the apprentices.

Our class would be going to one of the best teachers because we had the most potential of all the other apprentices.

His name was Lector Morr Dragomir.

The class and I had finally gotten to his estate, which was huge, which had taken 3 days to get there.

A servant took us to a huge mall and locked us in.

Most stayed in the entrance but a group of the brave, including me, started to explore.

After exploring the first level out of the three I broke away from the others and went up to the second level.

There most of the shops were empty but there was a Sears in one end and a cookie shop at the other.

I was getting ready to go over to it when I heard a loud voice.

It called “Apprentices come over to the fountain.”

I jumped down through the hole in the floor to the first level.

He asked “Well where have you been? Hmmmm?”

I answered “I was exploring the area to see if there were any dangers.” Then gave the Drago salute to the guy.

He saluted back with the higher official salute, and then said “Good. What about the rest of you Hmmmm? I came in possibly a threat and all you did was sit there like a bunch of over fed cats. Except them (he points to the others who explored) who at least tried to be alert and aware of the situation.

And none of you but Hrr gave me, the higher official and your master, a salute. Well get out there and explore the first level, and look at the dang rules on the wall!”

He then pulled me aside and says “Well Hrr welcome to Changer Academe”

“Thank you sir,” I say.

“Awwww, you don’t have to say sir Hrr just call me Lector.”

“No I shan’t.”…..He stares me down, “Fine. Lector.”

He smiles “Did you just say shan’t?”

“Ummm? Yes?”

“Huh well better go read the rules, don’t want to have to punish you.”

I run down the hall to read the rules.

1. Don’ leave the Mall

2. Only one cookie per person per month

3. If you get punished and die then you are weak so don’ get in trouble.

4. Don’t call me sir call me Mr. Dragomir

5. Turn on and off the light is punishable, so is stealing, taking more than one cookie, and eating dragon meat.

Then the class and I were called back to the main fountain.

“So who explored?” asked Lector.

Everyone said I did but one, he was a fat slouching kid.

“Well why didn’t you?” said Lector.

“Well I went and got some food from that store over there.” He points to a store that says Cafeteria.

“Did you pay for it?”


“Stealing is punishable, come here.”

“Fine,” he walks over and Lector spins him around and grabs his wrists.

Lector then ties them in front of him and leads him in to another room beckoning to us to follow.

Once we are there he leads the kid to a wooden thing and puts his wrists through and snaps it shut.

Lector then takes out a knife and the boy peed his pants.

“Huff, I hate it when they pee now I have to clean it up,”

Lector takes the curved knife that has a dragon horn as a handle and draws it across the tubby ones wrists.

Everyone gasps at Lector as he licks the blood off the knife.

Some little girl asks “Well why did you do dat for?”

“Well he stole and stealing is punishable and the punishment that I use is death.”

“But that’s not nice.”

“Well if he survives he will have a week to heal himself if not then he gets punished again for being weak.”

“Well that’s not very nice.”

“Well its not your rules,” snaps Lector “now shut up or you will be punished and dismiss to the 3rd level.”

“Oh and little girl and Hrr stay back.” said Lector.

“Little girl you need to respect me as your Master now and don’t back talk, I won’t hold back because you are only 7,” said Lector “now go to your dorm on the 3rd level.”

I she her run off almost jumping the whole stair case in one leap to get a good place in the dorm.

“Now, Hrr I need you to do the *chough* hardest job.” said Lector.

“Well OK.” I said

“Ummm well you have to clean up after the punishments.”

“OK now how do I do that?”

“First take the body and check if it is still alive. Then if it is not, Take it and put it in the wheelbarrow over there (he points to a dark corner) and then go put it behind the shed the servants will get it from there. Once that is done take the bucket of blood and put it up on the counter in that Sears at the end of the 2nd floor.”

“O.o Ummm yeah that’s a lot,” I say.

“Well it only happens every 3 weeks or so.”


A New Beginning

(The Change)


“OK I guess I better get to work don’t want to have to sleep on the floor =),” I say with a salute and run off to clean up the ‘mess’.

Lector shakes his head and mutters “This class is going to lose a lot of changelings…. I hope she isn’t one of them.”


Chapter 2


After the wheel-barrow was put up I went up to the dorm to find that I had the very first bed.

There were a group of 5, 2nd years who had taken the back beds.

They were laughing at me so I asked the person beside me “What are they laughing at?”

She gulps and says “If you get the front beds you’re more likely to ‘drop out’.”

“What for?”

“Well, whenever Mr. Dragomir is angry at the class he always attacks the first 2 rows of beds.”

“Humph, Well I guess we are dead then.”

“O.O Don’t say that things have away of coming true here.”

“Dinner is in 5 minutes,” yelled Lector.

“Well I better go unpack,” I say to the girl.

“My name is Alison, what’s yours?”

“My name is Hrr, nice to meet you Alison.”

“You to Hrr.”

I go over to my bed which I see is black and red and unpack my little suitcase.

In it I had put my pink cheetah throw, King Wolfe (a stuffed wolf that I have had since 3rd grade), 8 black tee-shirts, a red with black design tee-shirt, 8 pairs of blue jeans, a pair of black-jeans, under clothing, and my tooth brush.

After I had unpacked it I had to run to catch up with Alison who was going to dinner.

Once all the apprentices were lined up we saluted Lector and he came and gave us a “speech”.

“Alright, now all of you know that if you steel you get punished, so if you don’t have any money how do you eat?”

One of the second years raised their hand, Lector points and they answer.

“Well we get points every day depending on how much work we do, if we follow the rules and do what Mr. Dragomir says, and if we do our jobs perfectly we get extra points too.”

“Correct, you are Lindsey. Over there is the score board. Each day you will get about 20 points for each meal. Most things cost 5 points other more expensive delicacy will cost 10-20 points.”

Over on the board the scores pop up.

I look through and see that almost everyone has gotten 20, the ones that explored got 30, Alison and the others on the first 2 rows got 40, and I got 52 for some reason.

Another of the 2nd years call out “Hey, how did Hrr get 52 points?”

“Well Kacey, she got them by exploring the most and cleaning up the ‘mess’ from earlier,” says Lector.

“Last year no one ever got above a 45,”

Said another of the 2nd years.

“What!??! Are you question my decision to give a hard working student who explored the whole Mall and cleaned up a ‘mess’ on her first day a few more points than the rest of you who just sat there all day?” states Lector.


“Kera if you want to live you better not Push ME.”

“Fine, SIR.”

Lector goes over and hits Kera up side her head then goes back to explaining the food process.

“Once you have noticed your points go through that door (Lector points to a doorway) to get to the food. Each item has a point number over it. Don’t go over your points for the day or you will have negative points, and they will count off for tomorrow. Well I guess that its…. Go, go eat there is training tonight,” said Lector.


Chapter 3!


I go to the end of the line that has already formed and look for Alison, I find her hiding behind a huge 3rd year boy.

“Hey, Alison what are you hiding from?” I say.

“Eeep! Don’t say my name I don’t want the other 2nd years to find me,” says Alison.

“Hmmmmm? Why not,” I say as I get a tray and get in to the food line.”

“Ahem, The 2nd years will probably kill her,” said the boy who Alison was hiding behind “Oh, and my name is Emmett.”

“Hi Emmett my name is Hrr, why would the second years want to kill you Alison?”

“They would kill me,” said Alison, “because I am hanging out with the most hated and wealthlyest person in the school.”

I look quizzically at Alison and point at Emmett.

He bawls out in laughter “Not me you idiot, you.”

“What?” I eep.

Now both Alison and Emmett are laughing.

I sigh and pick up some 10 point mac & cheese with fat French fry combo.

Emmett gets some type of 5 point liver and Alison gets a 8 point hamburger.

While the two idiots are laughing at me I set Emmett’s cape on fire and get a bottle of 8 point chocolate milk, the really good kind.

A machine scans the items and a plump little lunch lady waves me past.

At the table Alison is still laughing at me but Emmett is very PO’ed because I set his cape on fire.

I say “So what is this with me being the most hated and wealthiest person at the Mall?”

Alison just barely stops laughing to tell me the reason why as I tuck into my awesome Mac & Cheese.

“Well you being the most hated is because Mr. Dragomir likes you the best, the richest is because you have the most points.”

“How do you know that?”

“Well they already are giving you the evil eye,” says Emmett “so they must hate you.”

“Also,” said Alison, “I was the most hated last year.”

“What for?” I ask.

“I knew Mr. Dragomir from before I was transferred to the Mall.” She said.

“Ohhhh, I see why that would cause a disturbance in the force.”

“OMG,” says Emmett “You watch Star Wars 0.o”

“Ummmmm? Yeah its pretty good.”

“Ughhhh,  don’ get him started on Star Wars Hrr he will me talking about it for hours,” said Alison.

“Really,” I reply in excitement O.O

“YEAH really,” yells Emmett excitedly “so who is your favorite character?”

“Count Dooku.”

“Really he is my favor too.”


“Yeah, favorite.”

“Ummmm…. Well he is sort of my BF in another world.”


“What do you mean Hrr?” asks Alison.

“Erm, *mumbles something* Hey do you know the tales of the Un?” I ask.

“Yeah I do,” says Emmett.

“Nope,” Alison says.

“Whaaatttt? You don’ know the stories of the great Un?” asks Emmett.

“Ummm yeah,”

“How do you not know them?” I ask.

“Just never heard of them I guess,” she said.

“Huff well OK, Hey Emmett.”


“Have you ever wanted to meet the Un?”

“Of course do you know where she is?”

“Um well you have been talking to her for the past,” I check my watch “hour or so.”

He points at Alison.

“No stupid me,” I say.

“What? You? The Un? Here? You?”

“Yes me”

He looks so flabbergasted that I laugh and say “Now as I was saying yes Count Dooku is my BF. The dimension that the I com from is now open to us again. Once we all got back we decided to create a 14th one of us to stay and guard the portal to our demintion. Once we combined all our powers and me having the most power I got to choose his form. It came out of no where and  white hole was made. The next day Dooku was killed in a fight back at the Castle (one of my many houses)and since I wasn’t there to heal him he died of severe blood loss. I was so sad that I cried. Later on that day the hole rawred and popped out Dooku. He was the same but now he was immortal too.”

“Wow,” said Alison.

“Amazing,” said Emmett.

“Also,” I said “I have split my soul form in to 6 parts the evil side, the good side, the Un side which is balance, soul, mind and this human form. Each one has a mate Evil has no one L, Good has Galbotrax(another of us),The Un has Dooku(the 14th), Soul has Charlie, Mind has Lord Loss, and Human is no one so far. Not that I am one of those Mormon people or anything its just,… well each part is a separate part so each can have a BF with out any conflicts.”

“Ummmmm okay?” asked Alison.

“You really are the Un aren’t you?” asked Emmett.

“Are you serious who else would know this stuff?”

“Well umm no one but you I guess.”

“Huff,” I says as I finish my Mac & Cheese and chocolate milk.


“Time for practice,” says Alison.

“What? It’s the first day?” I say in an sinking tone.

“Yeah it is,” Emmett interrupts getting out of his  daze that I am the Un as he puts up his tray “But this practice the 2-5 years get to pick a 1st year as their ‘project’ for the year.”

“’Project’?” I ask.

“Yes,” answers Alison “The 2-5 years get a 1st year to teach and protect through out the year.”

“At the end of the year,” Emmett finishes “We get graded to see how well we did and if we get to go to the next year.”

“But it is odd if you don’t change before 4th year,” adds Alison.

“Yeah, but Hrr don’t worry your in good hands if He doesn’t get you we will. Oh look Mr. Dragomir is calling you,” said Emmett.

“Wait who is He?” I ask.

“Later Hrr go see Mr. Dragomir before he gets angry at you,” says Alison pushing me toward Lector.

As I walk away I hear Alison slap Emmett and whisper angrily “Why did you tell Hrr about Him stupid. Now she will want to know who He is and get even more involved.”

“Well sorry,” he replayed.


Chapter 4


 “Hello Hrr,” say Lector as I walk up “I would like to introduce you to your mentor for the year.”

“Where is he I ask?” as a huge shadow with wings creeps buy.

As I see it I tackle the shadow and pin it down.

As I am always wary of an attack from Hell, for not all of the demons there like me as a half-leader.

Lector yelps, which is hilarious, and demands me to get off.

“Why would I get off?” I ask “This could be an attacking demon from Hell.”

“No he’s not,” yells Lector trying to pull me off while the shadow just looks amused.

The shadow said in a Russian accent “Why are you straddling me?”

“What it’s a Russian demon too?” I reply in surprise O.o.

“I am not Russian and I am not a freakin demon. I am just your mentor for the year.”

“Oh so I has to have a freakin Russian shadow as a mentor that’s just great!”

“You should be talking your are the one on the floor.”

“What?” I ask as I as flipped to the floor.

“How do you escape now?”

“I do this,” I say as I kiss him.

He jumps up and growls and tried to slap me but I jump up and land on his back.

As I land He starts trying to shake me off but I jump off of His back landing on Lectors and jumping to the floor while He is still trashing.

“Back her Russie,” I yell.

He turns looks at me and sticks out his hand to shake.

I look at it in disgust I know he is going to flip me as soon as I shake and come up with a plan.

I reach out he shakes then flips me.

I slide between his legs jump up on his back at grab on.

He starts to grab at me but I kick his hand away.

I notice that a huge group of students have formed a ring around us and are watching us fight.

He flips over trying to crush me but I jump of and land on a pillar the jump back before he can get up.

“Now who’s on top?” I growl.

“Apparently you,” He laughs and salutes.

I give up a hold on one of his arms to salute and then grab it back before he tried anything.

Emmett comes and lifts me off and holds me back while the Russian demon scum gets up.

I growl and push against Emmett but don’ barge through.

The Russian Demon has stood up and I see that he is not bad looking, he has huge grey with black spotted wings, short black hair, and his right eye is red and the left one is blue.

He states “’Lo, Hrr I am Locke Von Meir.”

“?”…… “O. o ‘Lo Mr. Meir” I bow low and salute him with the highest respect.

Lector twitches and Emmett doesn’t look surprised but Alison runs up and drags me back to meh room.

I yell out “Sorry for the disgrace Mr. Meir.”

“Its fine Hrr,” he yells back as Lector drags him back to his office.


Chapter 5




“What the crap were you doing out there Hrr,” Alison yells out.

“I don’t know, meeting my new mentor?” I ask.

“What the crap you attacked the second most powerful person in the school, then you kiss him, then you give him the salute of a dictator. WHAT THE CRAP!”

“Yessh calm down Alison its OK, I has it under control.”

“But, what about that whole kill the Russian Demon from Hell thing?”

“Oh well that doesn’t apply any more.”

“Why not?”

“Sigh” I sigh “ Because that man down there probably getting chewed out like I am by you is …”

“He’s what?”

“He is my (mumbles something)”



“Eeep,” she jumps back and runs away as I chase her.

“Oh you better run,” I yell.




“What the @#$ were you doing Locke, letting a student bet you, Hrr the newest student at that Yeesh Locke I expected better from you.”

“Well I couldn’t hurt her Mr. Dragomir, she is ….”

“What was that she was …..?”

“My (mumbles the same thing Hrr did).”


“My love ya freakin retard.”

“Oh um ahem well I guess that is excusable ummm I guess.”


“Ok, ok calm down Locke,” said Lector visibly shaken.


O.o “O I see …”





“Rawr! Get your butt back here Alison! I am going to kill you and rip … … ?” Locke had come up behind me and held  meh in his arms I sigh and just let him hold me. Ah I hate Russians, I smile.

“So what are you smiling about?” Locke asks.

“Just you.”

“What about me?”

“How I love to hate Russians.”

“Ah that little thing again?”

“Yup, sigh,” I sink deeper into his arms and let him surround me in a hug.

“Heh I love you Hrr”

“So do I Locke.”

He then kissed me it was the most awesome experience in the world.

Oh how I so hate the Russians oh how I so love Russians sigh.


Chapter 6




“Oh well Hrr is time for bed I hope you have had an eventful first day,” said Locke.

“That’s an understatement,” I whispered from atop the inside roof of the mall where Locke and I were hiding from Lector and Alison.

“heh heh heh I guess it is,” He kissed me again softly this time. “Goodnight Hrr,” he whispered as he brushed by.

“Goodnight,” I whisper back but Locke is already gone.



“Rawr *yawn*,” I yawned as I woke on the roof of the Mall “Well better go take a shower.”

I flit down to thee room and grab some clothes then trot to the shower and rush into a stall.

Shcchhhhhsssss “Ahhh warm water this is going to be a good day.”

After the awesome warm shower I got dressed and walked back to the dorm t meditate in the middle of me bed.

I had gotten about a foot of the bed when Lector stormed in and started whacking the crap out of the beds waking everyone up.

When he finally got to me he yelled out “What the crap are you doing?”

Alison came up behind him on his right side as to help with this fight.

I land on me bed and jump up I flick a button on my watch and Locke is there in a second.

“Ummm…? I was just meditating? Why is there something wrong with meditating in the morning?” I ask.

“No but…” Lector.

“But what all I did was go take a shower,” Lector shivered hmm that’s odd “then came back and started meditating then you busted in and started attacking things. Its not my fault that um… everything is all a shamble.”

“O.o oh crap,” said Alison.


“Don’t you dare yell at Hrr,” whispered Locke menacingly.

“? What did you say?” Lector asked.

“Don’t you dare yell at Hrr,” Locke said loudly.

“Well then you have been asking to challenge me I guess you now have your chance!” said Lector.

“Fine then,” Locke drew his giant sword.

The sword a huge beautiful thing matching Locke personality. It was a huge iron sword very heavy, with white cloth bandages wrapped around it. The handle was short just enough for two hands. At the end of the hilt was a black jewel with red swirlz a gift from me to him from hundred of years ago back when the Black Knights roamed the land.

Then Lector drew his.

A short ugly thing with a swift charm on the end.

“Lets fight then,” Locke yelled.

“Lets fight,” yelled back Lector as they appeared in a giant arena.

“Oh God I will announce,” I yelled above the crowd as a microphone popped out in front of me.

“OK this match is between the totally hot Locke Meir and the awesome teacher Lector Dragomir,” I announce.

Locke smiled miscively and Lector scowled.

“This fight is for…. Ummmm?” I ask.

“This fight is for the right to be the controller at the school,” Lector yelled.

“This fight is for the right to call Hrr there own,” Locke said.

“FINE ITS FOR BOTH,” I yell scaring everyone.

“Eeep ok Hrr Lets Fight,” yelled both Locke and Lector.


Chapter 7


Locke attacked first with an upward swing to cut across Lectors chest. Lector barely blocks with his sword almost having it cut in two.

Lector swings downward but Locke jumps his sword and kicks at Lectors chest.

Lector blocks but the kick connects with his head snapping it back with a sicking crunch.

“Oh crap,” I say as Lector is thrown to the ground in defeat and I hear a crack from his left arm.

Locke puts his sword to Lectors throat and is about to ask if he would like to stand down when Alison runs up and stabs Locke in the back.

Everyone gasps and then Emmett runs away from Alison and the horrible crime she has committed.

Both Lector and me jump for Alison but she runs away.


“Oh crap,” yelled out the second years running for cover.

I run up to Locke to find that he is already dead.

Only 5 seconds have passed and he is already dead sigh.

“It must have been a direct hit to the heart,” said a medic.

“Who are you?” I ask.

“I am chief doctor “Bones” McCoy,” he answered.

“Well hello Bones welcome to Armageddon 2.5,” I say.

“What Armageddon 2.5?” Bones asks.

“Yeah now the barrier has been broken the evil vs. good Armageddon has begun,” I rumble then rawr “ANYONE STAND ON THE SIDE OF GOOD LEAVE OF YOUR DEATH I IMINENT.”

Imidetly all the 2nd years and half of the 1st years ran away.

“Bones?” I asked as he backed away a few steps “Are you on my side?”

“Yes I am,” he said as he bowed to me.

“®îght, good, lets round up the ranks and get reinforcement and guard the Mall,” I say.

“K I’ll get all the first years,” Bones replied.

“Good I’ll go get Lector and see if I can find Emmett,” I reply back.


“Hrr Axell or The Un,” I say.

“Ah Hrr good,” Bones replies sheepishly.

“Heh heh heh meet in the center of the waterfall court in 30  minutes for new orders, and get them some food too,” I order.

“Yes Hrr,” Bones salutes and runs to get the 1st years and whoever is left on our side.

I go get Locke’s sword and put it in my sheath stabbing my knife into his chest making him disappear to Drago 19.

I walk over to Lector to see he has many bad cuts and his left arm was broken.

“Oh no Lector let meh help you,” I say as he try’s to get up.

“Meh,” said Lector as he fell down again.

I lift him up and help him to the infirmary.

“Ok Lector I is going to find Emmett,” I say “are you fine with going the Army of Darkness?”

“Army of Darkness? Oh no please tell me that Armageddon 2.5 hasn’t happened.” Lector yelped.

“Yup it has. So far on our side we have Me (the leader) Bones (Commander and doctor) and if you join we will have are Army commander,” I explain “Also most of the 1st, 4th, and 5th years are on our side. The 2nd years and that one 6th year ran to the good side.”

“That one 6th year would have been a great advantage to have.”

“Yes he would have but now I have to go find Emmett you go get decked out in armor and meet with the rest of the army at the water fall court in 28 minutes.”

“Ok bye Hrr,” said Lector.

“Bye Lector,” I shout back as I race to find Emmett.


Chapter 8


“Emmett, Emmett where are you,” I yell.

On the distance I hear a “Go away Hrr,” from Emmett.

“Emmett I have been looking for you for 20 minutes come on we only have 7 mins to get all decked out in our armor and get to waterfall court.”

“No Hrr I’m not going. I don’t want to fight this war against you or Alison. You’ve been a great friend Hrr while I knew you but I am going to be neutral.”

“I understand Emmett go be neutral planet Wolfie19 is a great neutral planted to stay on during this war.”

“You are allowing me to go? Why? I thought you would need everyone on your side to win this.”

“Because I am the spirit incarnate of neutral in one of my bodies. I do need everyone on my side but if you wish to be neutral I will not stop you,” I say.

“Ok well bye Hrr I will see you after this war. Oh and what is the name of this war?”

“Emmett welcome to Armageddon 2.5 have fun on Wolfie19,” he flashes away as I say this.

I look at my watch “Oh crap I got to go get my armor.”



I walk into the court in my awesome armor.

My armor is incredibly hidden its just my red and black tee-shirt, my black jeans, and my black boots. I also was wearing my/Locke's sword again.

Around the edges of the court was most of my gentlemen.

I note that all of the people are scared of them, Lector hasn’t arrived yet, and G is not here.

*Well it is logical that he not come he is on the side of good, and I am evil in this body,* I think to myself.

“So!” I boom out “Why are you not in your ranks?”

They salute half ways and I yell “Don’t you salute me that way I am /the/ highest ranking person in the worlds now! Now salute correctly!”

They do and I go back to the normal booming voice I have chosen “Now get into ranks.”

They get into ranks but they huddle around the edges to stay away from my gentlemen.

“Why are you flinching away from them?”

I yell.

“Well they look like big butt scary demons,” yelled back one of the 1st years.

“Well some of them are buuuttttt you should not be afraid of them they are my personal um guards,” I yell back.

“Eeep!,” she yelled back as I slapped her with my sword.

“NOW DOES any one else having any stupid questions?” I say to annoyed to yell.

“No Captain,” they yelled.

“Gah! This is not going to work,” I say and change into the Un.

I look pretty much the same except I have my bloody wings.

I change my mind and start to shimmer.

I have changed in to the mind.

Lord Loss appears out of no where bringing with him a legion of demons.

Half go in front of the students half go behind.

Loss comes up behind me and gives me a hug.

“Armageddon 2.5?” he asks.

“Yup,” I whisper back in his ear.


“GAH!” screamed out a voice in pain.

The little girl could feel him near but she could not help him.

He was beyond help now, he was turning and there was nothing she could do.

Another scream echoed down the halls the little girl began to cry.

Someone walked up behind her and put an arm around her.

“It is almost over now my little squiggle, the pain will have stopped,” said a man who seemed to be only a year older than her.

“But Daniel he.. he… accepted the change he didn’t even try to fight it. He gave in to the good. What are we going to do?” she sounded so depressed Dan laughed.

“Well my little squiggle I guess we have a new fighting enemy,” he said in alight voice that cheered her up.

“Can he be Vaden enemy so he can have a new chew toy?”

“Sure squiggle Vaden can have him.”

“Here Vaden,” yelled the girl.

A huge blue eyed HeckHound bounded in a attacked the girl with licks.

“Get off me ya big bloke,” yelled Dan from under a pile of HeckHound.