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Now. Transition

Well well well what have we here, a man by the name of Danathan Zellion Evergreen who has just started taking T. I'll be keeping this as a log until I finish my transition in case I ever want to do anything with the data I have collected. 


1. 11/6/2013 First Day

.5ml of Depo-T



Hi my name is Morgan Taylor Huggins and I am a girl. Not a very happy girl either, I have a boy living in my body! He wants his body to match his mind so he is going to transition, FTM.

For most of my life i've looked like this


but I've never been really happy with myself... When I realized I was actually a boy I got my hair cut as short as my adoptive mother would let me.

Still though I wasn't happy, being forced into this haircut just wasn't how I saw me so once I moved out of the toxic household I was being kept in I finally got what I wanted.