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Gino sat out side a cafe in France, shirtless, with his wings out not caring who saw. He was sick of this Earth his punishment had gone on long enough, he should be back in Heaven but noooooo. God had his new plaything now and had forgotten all about poor Gino. He had a cup of hot chocolate in a ew york mug, it was cursed by a demon a few years ago to never runout so it was pretty handy whenever Gino was thristy.

A girl walked up to him and asked if she could sit down at his table. He barly looked up and grunted a yes, he was looking off into space. "Um sir," she said "You might want to put your wings in there are 4 hunters staying in that hotel over there." "Oh really," said Gino, right then 4 arrows burrowed into his chest "Too late i guess." "Well come on," yelled the girl already have way out of the cafe sitting area.

"I know a good hiding place follow me," she said as he caught up with her. They ran threw the streets like two bulls set loose from there pens."Under here," the girl yelled as she ducked under an awning and ran up a side street. Threw many twists and turns they heard the hunters following. The girl went threw a door withGino on her heels. When he got in she slammed and locked the door.

"Well thats not going to hold long," murmured a voice from the back of... what appears to be a small book shop. "Hell George you think so?" the girl snaped back. George wore black robes and a hood and bottom half of a face mask Gino noted. "Er? What?" Gino asked the strange girl who had saved? him from the 4 hunters. "Oh hello my name is Taryn, thats George and waaayyyyyy up there is Damion." "Oh hello Taryn my name is Gino," he said pulling in his wings to adviod knocking over anything.

Damion came down the steps yelling at the top of his lungs into a phone "... WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN YOU CANT GET THAT POTION FOR ME?..... I DONT GIVE A DAMN THAT HE HAS IT SPECIALY GUARDED I NEED IT NOW GO!!!!" Damion hung up the phone loudly with a sharp click. "Now what the hell is he doing here?" Damion asked Taryn.




God was walking over to some house when he heard 4 sharp twangs. He shived and thought 'The Hunters, why did i ever hire them to keep the demons in check on Earth they do more harm then good.' A while later he heard a loud CLICK! 'Ah Damion allways one to use drama to his advantige I wonder who he is terifying now?'




Damion was a demon allways was allways will be. He wore all black and red, chains hanging everywhere, short spiky hair half black-half white. His eyes where red with black cat pupils. "hehehe It seems that Gods newest plaything has taken over the place of poor little Gino here." I grin evily. "Muhahahahaha," Damion allways laughed evily "So little Gino whatever did you do?" "Nothing you would be interested in you scum." Gino sneered back at Damion.



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