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Chapter 1

Morning slammed the door to the throne room open, slapped the head advisor upside the head, stomped up to the thrown and threw himself on it sprawling off the edges of the arm rests.

'Well he's in a bad mood today,' I think as I flit in and sit beside him on the floor.

I was the only person aloud to flit in the castle, for what ever reason... but i like being able to do it so its all cool.


'Yes Sire," mumbled a servent and fast walked away to the kitchen.

"Heh heh. In a bad mood today?" I ask him.

"Yes I am in a very bad mood today Morgan."

"Ah well I guess you dont want to go up top today? I was planning on paying them a visit but if you dont want to go..." I tease him.

"NO NO! Of course I want to go... ... ... Its just that," he wispers the next bit in my ear "I um am having a problem and I cant fix it and I am so frickin po'ed that I cant stand it!"

"Well what is it?" I ask softly so that no one else hears.

"Well um," he wispers back "I ... broke my wings and I cant fix them."

'Wow he is really embarassed about this...' I think to myselfs.

"EVERYONE OUT," I yell "NOW!!!"

They all go running 'cept my guard who I dismiss with a wave of my hand.

I take off my over coat ans sword and place them beside the thrown. 

"A'ight," I say as soon as my guard left "Lemme see 'um."

He disrobes so that all he is wearing is his boxers and ploofs out his wings.

"Holy Crap!" I wisper "that is bad... or may be its good!"

His wings have turned back to white, only the tips are left black.

I am so amazed that I fall over but Morning manages to catch me before I fall, Morning sucks in his wings, to be better ballanced.

Right then the servant walks in with the cheese toast and gaps at Morning holding me.

Morning puts me down on the floor, walks over and takes the cheese toast, munches on one as he walks back and offers one to me.

I take it and ask the servent to leave, he is still gaping so I fwoosh him and move on to the rest of my piece of cheese toast.

"You need to get some better servents," I say as Morning finishes his cheese toast "well we better get going if we want to miss the rush-hour slaughter."

"Awwww!" Morning exclaims "I wanted to go to it."

"Well if you do we wont have time to get up there before the portal closes,' I tease him again.

"No No its not everyday you get to go up... And today I am coming with you... All the way," he says stubbornly like I would try to stop him.

"O RLY?"


"lol then come on lets go."

"Well hold on I has to get meh clothes back on," he mumbles turning around looking for his clothes that he threw into the celing.

"Wear your wings out the demons will take it as an omen that you is even more powerfull now I bet," I say back and throw him his clothes.

"Or an omen of good will," snickers Kalhara who came back in after the servent.

I walk over to him, draw my sword and behead him "No time for distrtacions. Lets get going."


Chapter 2

The portal was a... purple swirlly thing.

It was a round hole in the celing of the commons that lead to Heaven, it was all purple except black and white flash going in a clock-wise fashion.



Charcters and the images (will update as story rolls along)

The Highest MorningStar (with changed wings) ((aka Morning))

The Head Advisor (aka Kalhara) ((now dead)) (((need to get a new one lol)))


Servents (all look the same pretty much) ((Most are flesh some still have string though))

Morgan Taylor Axell

((This world I have chossen a silver haired fallen angel with short chains on my wrists and feet when I get angry the float and grow longer lashing out at my oppnet my wings change from white in the under world, to a pale black in Heaven, and white, blood stained on Middle-ground))

((( no the chains are not attached to each other)))

((((I wear my red tee-shirt/black pants armor, with a huge black over coat, sword in a holister at my side,, and black boots))))


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